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UK Finance GMB Case Study

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Kasra Dash

Kasra Dash

Kasra is known for his social ads, development, and technical SEO skills. He has scaled out various teams and businesses.

So I’ve recently decided to pick up the CTRGeeks course by Michael A Merlino & GMB Brent Bowser and the results I’ve been able to achieve are insane!

I’ve been able to generate an additional £2,800 last month solely by following everything on the course for my rank and rent website.

If you are sceptical about CTR or if you have done it in the past and haven’t gained any results then it’s probably because you ain’t doing it correctly like how Michael & Brent teach it.

Across 3 different GMBs I own have been able to jump up massively in the rankings, Some of my GMBs jumping 40+ positions.

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing the course now is the



So prior to doing any CTR you need a great foundation. With all my GMBs I purchase structured and unstructured citations, Making sure I build up my BRAND & NAP. Try and get your NAP as many places as you can the more mentions the better.

I purchase my unstructured citations from Searcharoo GP’s & TROL’s

I purchase my structured citations from Seobuilder


Over the years there’s always been an argument to say are reviews & posts a ranking factor. If I’m honest I don’t care I made sure that I was posting frequently to my GMB. I have scheduled posts for the next 100 days. I was uploading photos of my BRAND, office, staff, etc.

As for reviews I purchased reviews from ratemybusiness I made sure that all my reviews had keywords in them.


Website on page I feel is also important so for every GMB I have a video on my website I also make sure the video is ranked on YouTube & Google Videos.

For my video, I highly recommend you follow exactly what Michael & Brent say in the course. There is a certain you will see a big jump.

For my videos I use video veggie they rank all my videos.

I’m trying to be seen in as many places as I can on YouTube & Google Videos. I want my brand to be EVERYWHERE!


Another crucial part of ranking GMBs is digital PR work. Again I’ve just followed what’s in the course and followed the exact CTR methods that Merlino teaches and it worked really well.

Merlino mentions in the course that you can get listed in big publications and manipulate traffic from those big publications so I decided to purchase the gold package from magicpr.


A nice little twist that I also did was I bought social signals to the magic pr gig & my properties to make it look like the PR has gone “Viral”.

I got my social signals from

I have used a lot of social signal providers in the past where all they do is just get you a load of retweets, likes etc, However, signal boy drives traffic from Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest if you actually look at google analytics you’ll see that you’ll have a lot of referral traffic from social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest etc.


As for the actual CTR I followed everything in Merlino’s course: the tools he recommended, the ways he drives traffic to the website, GMB, web 2s, and google stack.

Like what I mentioned before I have tried CTR in the past and didn’t really get any results from it but if you follow everything from the CTRGeeks course and take action you’ll get results, You get a proven battle-tested strategy you just need to implement all the steps as I have.

PS. I have done a little longer write-up on

About author

Kasra Dash

Kasra Dash

Kasra is known for his social ads, development, and technical SEO skills. He has scaled out various teams and businesses.